Poisoned Bible Project Episodes 2 and 3

Did God Kill Jesus? and The Problem of Violence towards Women in the Old Testament

While I originally thought I could do a Poisoned Bible Project episode a month, I had discounted the amount of research that would go into each text submitted. In my own work reclaiming Scripture for myself, I had omitted some of the most difficult passages, and you all have remedied that by submitting them to the survey. So thanks! No really. It’s good to look at all of these. 

So in light of that, and in light of some news, some of which I can share now and the other you’ll have to wait a couple more weeks on (yes, I’m shamelessly vague-posting), I have now scheduled out the next two episodes of the Poisoned Bible Project and thanks to substack’s new podcasting feature, I may post both a written and an audio version if you comment and tell me which you prefer, or if both helps. 

So news:

I’ve become a regular contributor to Earth & Altar, something I’m very excited about! It’s just that the regular contributor bit means, well, regularly contributing and so I’m going to have to space out my PBP episodes a bit more. 

Plus there’s this other thing… But I can’t say more about that yet ;-) 

So here’s the plan!

I’m going to do the Poisoned Bible Project Episode 2: Did God Kill Jesus? on October 10, 2021 and then Episode 3: The Problem of Violence towards Women in the Old Testament on January 9, 2022. By the time we get to the new year, I’ll be able to schedule out the other entries for the rest of the year, although they keep coming in, so this may be an ongoing series. I have at least four more after this, and some of the submissions have had more than one text. I just haven’t dived into all of them yet to figure out how to schedule it out, but I will be doing that on an ongoing basis.

So by all means keep submitting your texts and I will keep scheduling these at the closest intervals I can manage given the research that has to go into faithful renderings of these texts!   


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