Holy Dust

What is the Mercy that You Need?

When the mercy that you need might be the mercy you need to give as well as the mercy you need to receive... ⁠

Come take a walk through themes surrounding mercy every Sunday during Lent. This six-week series will take you right up to holy week with a bonus reflection for Easter.⁠

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Week 1 Sneak Peak:

There Have Always Been Arks: Why It's the Ark not the Flood that Matters

“Don’t let her get in the water.” When I was about 2 ½, I was with my mom and her brother who was visiting us in Alaska. My brother was an infant and had fallen asleep in the car. In those days it wasn’t that strange to just let the baby sleep, so that’s what my mom did, walking down to a small stream of glacier melt with me and my uncle. She returned to the car at some point to check on my brother, leaving my uncle with instructions to not let me get in the water. My uncle’s response to this was to take a series of pictures of me taking off my socks and shoes while watching him to see what he would do, and when he didn’t stop me, I stuck my feet in the stream. This was spring in Juneau, and the stream was glacier melt, but I was undeterred. 

This apparently has been a theme in my life since before I can remember. There was a pond behind the house where I was born, its waters dyed orange from the high iron content in the groundwater. My mom lost track of me once, only to find me waist deep, standing in the pond, clothes ruined, but perfectly content…

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